MetaNeuron is a free computer program that models the basic electrical properties of neurons. The program is intended for the beginning neuroscience student and requires no prior experience with computer simulations. Different aspects of neuronal behavior are highlighted in the six lessons presented in MetaNeuron. The first three lessons, Membrane Potential, Membrane Time Constant and Membrane Length Constant, illustrate the passive properties of neuronal membranes. The fourth and fifth lessons, Axon Action Potential and Axon Voltage Clamp, demonstrate how voltage- and time-dependent ionic conductances contribute to the generation of the action potential in the axon. The sixth lesson, Synaptic Potential and Current, illustrates how synaptic potentials are generated through the activation of ionotropic neurotransmitter receptors. MetaNeuron was developed by Eric A. Newman, University of Minnesota, and Mark H. Newman. It's development was supported in part by the Department of Neuroscience, University of Minnesota.

Please contact Eric A. Newman for any questions or suggestions regarding MetaNeuron.